• Women Artists Five

    The fifth volume of Women Artists is hot off the presses and ready to get into your hot little hands. A long time in the making, it was a pleasure to work with the ultra talented photographer Valerie Chiang and the fine women behind the publication. Grab your’s today by visiting their website and while you’re at it, snag one of their MEN HAVE MADE A LOT OF BAD ART tees, because you know it’s not not true, ha.

    Women Artists, is an annual(ish) publication profiling women working in the contemporary arts. This issue features Alison Baitz, Sister Wendy (Wendy Beckett), Tanya Brodsky, Valerie Chiang, Sharleen Chidiac, Angella D’Avignon, DIRT Collective, Dayna Evans, Ana Leovy, Caroline Tompkins and Xochi Solis.

    Edited by Tricia Gilbride and Caroline Knowles. Designed by Naomi Elliott.

    Tabloid sized (11.5”x15") 
    48 pages, full-color newsprint 

  • The LINE Hotel + Austin Artists

    Excited to see that The LINE Hotel Austin has opened to positive reviews this June 2018 and more than just honored to have my work in their collection amongst some of my most fave Austin artists like Elizabeth ChilesJeffrey DellManik Raj Nakra and Jules Buck Jones. Cheers to everyone involved on the project - looking at you especially Natalie Davis - and hope to clink glasses with you someday soon!

    As a note, the project with The LINE was a HUGE step into affording life as an artist full time. While perhaps my website has been accumulating a few cobwebs, it's only because I have been WORKING HARD to keep a million little projects rolling. Hope to check in here more often with news and sources of inspiration in the coming months, but until then, carry on with your summer and you can always catch the latest on my IG feed :)

  • Mi Tierra Review in ASAP/Journal

    "Who belongs to which side and to what extent does crossing geographical and sociopolitical boundaries allow for a new or renewed sense of identity? The hyper-visibility of Mexican-American, Chicano, and Latino artists in general in this country has come about in the past year precisely due to these questions. And while visibility is an important tool for the diversification of artistic spaces, a danger resides in providing platforms of expression that further question belonging, as opposed to historically contextualizing and thereby making problematic the very roots of such an interrogation. Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place succeeds by doing both, and more. Aside from being an exhibition of some terrific contemporary Mexican-American and / or Chicano artists, Mi Tierra forms an important art-historical exhibition that has much to show us about modes of belonging and the creative practices that might allow us to belong elsewhere and otherwise."

    All the FEELS! Thanks to ASAP/Journal and Emmanuel Ortega for the thoughtful review of Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place. Can’t believe our exhibition is up for only a few more days. Denver, don’t sleep, you’ve only got till OCT 22! 

  • Building Bridges

    I love that my studio practice now includes more reading and ruminating than ever before. This week I'm working on curriculum for a series of workshops I'll be teaching with the Art Students League of Denver. That's right, I'll be back in Denver this June for a lecture and a Saturday of workshops aimed at building participant's agency and appreciation for the medium of collage and the weight of image appropriation in relation to culture, identity, memory and place. If interested in learning more, visit the Art Students League website for registration information. LET'S GET INTO IT!

  • let pharaoh go

    you don't need him
    you don't need his tricks, you don't need his trinkets, let pharaoh go
    pharaoh doesn't want, but he needs you

    -Roberta Flack, Go Up Moses

    Quiet Fire, 1971

    A mixtape offering to remind us all of our freedom. The psychic liberty we have to change our minds and the music to help move our body in the direction best meant for us...even when that just means to the dancefloor with friends & lovers. Happy Friday!

  • Mi Tierra @ Denver Art Museum

    As one of 13 artists who created installations at the Denver Art Museum for Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore PlaceI recorded a short video with them during my installation of WE WERE NOT ALWAYS FALLEN FROM THE MOUNTAIN. Even though it was only a few months ago it is a sweet reminder of all the things that were going through my head as I was taking on the challenge of creating a giant new work. Take a peek! 

    Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place is on view at the Denver Art Museum through October 22, 2017.

  • #bossbabesATX April 2017 Resident Artist

    As part of my time with #bossbabesATX this April, I recently had the best cpnversation with their  board member, Leslie Lozano, to talk about my practice and imagined purpose the last several months as I continue to navigate the world as a self-employed artist. It has been a challenge, but knowing that I have the support of an incredible community of creative women entrepreneurs has been invaluable. I treasure conversations like the one here and I hope other young artists feel encouraged to take a chance on themselves, too. 

  • #bossbabesATX craftHER Market

    I have been a longtime fan of the badass women that operate #bossbabesATX and this month I was choses as their featured artist! #bossbabesATX is a nonprofit event production agency and collective. They produce meets, workshops, festivals and other pop-up events for self-identifying women in creative industry and the arts and I have had the pleasure of working with them before with the Chulita VInyl Club, but working with them on craftHER has been something else!

    Apart from getting the opportunity to have long conversations with their team about my practice, I will also be presenting work at their upcoming craftHER Market. This annual market is a space for self-identified women to sell, showcase and share their wares, makes and goods. On April 2, 2017, they'll feature more than 90+ booths at Austin's Fair Market, produce panels covering different topics relevant to the maker community and showcase resources in the Austin community (art collectives, other art markets, etc.)


    WHERE: FAIR MARKET, 1100 E 5th St, Austin, Texas 78702     

    WHEN: APRIL 2, 2017

    11 AM TO 5 PM

    I'll be doing a live Q&A with their crew at 3pm, but check out the full scoop on the #bossbabes website and while you are there take a peek at their amazingly prolific calendar of events, these women are non-stop hustle!

  • Meditations on now

    2017, wow! We've made it this far and as this first month of 2017 has provided so much necessary frenetic energy, I'm sliding into this week with a little focused meditation. As my soundtrack, I'm thrilled to announce a recent collaboration with UK-based dark ambient band, Slomo. Their fourth album ‘Transits’ features a small painting of mine for it's cover and the deliciously slow celestial tracks are perfect for moving with intention and grace.

    ‘Transits’ finds the duo of Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden further psychedelicising their core guitar/synth drone sound with loops, bit-crushers and ring modulators to deliver three shimmering pieces for frozen night skies.

    The music is psychedelic, instrumental and abstract and I'm honored to have worked with the musicians to bring a face to their new sound. Follow the link above to experience Slomo's music and float away.


    The TEXAS HEAT is something really special. It's hallucinatory, detoxing, and my absolute favorite annual surreality check. Here's a little mix I made to help you accept the things you cannot change and learn to love the high temps. Throw on your chanclas, grab a cold chela or Topo and chill out!

  • COMING SOON @ The Denver Art Museum

    OVER THE MOON to announce my participation in an upcoming exhibition at the Denver Art Museum! I'll be spending the next 6 months preparing for a MASSIVE installation and I am so thankful to the wonderful curators at the DAM for all their creative input and their support, thus far. This is going to be a game changer, as I prepare to create the largest scale installations I've ever constructed. Keep it here and on my Instagram feed, as I document my travels collecting materials and inspiration for the work and document my journey in better understanding my place as an artist in Texas and Mexico. 

    Check out the curator's statement below and explore the websites of the 12 other artists that will on view with me:

    Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place will feature site-specific installations by 13 Latino artists that express experiences of contemporary life in the American West. Energizing and vibrant artwork will be presented by Carmen Argote (Los Angeles), Jaime Carrejo (Denver), Gabriel Dawe (Dallas), Claudio Dicochea (San Antonio), Daniela Edburg (San Miguel de Allende), Justin Favela (Las Vegas), Ana Teresa Fernández (San Francisco), Ramiro Gomez (West Hollywood), John Jota Leaños (San Francisco), Dmitri Obergfell (Denver), Ruben Ochoa (Los Angeles), Daisy Quezada (Santa Fe), and Xochi Solis (Austin).

    These artists examine diverse narratives of migration and the complex layering of cultures throughout the Western United States through ideas related to labor, nostalgia, memory, visibility, and displacement. Installations will incorporate mixed-media, performance-based video art, digital animation, fiber constructions, painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

    To foster creativity and provide insight into the artistic process, the on-site development of the installations will be visible to the public beginning in December 2016, with scheduled opportunities for visitors to engage with artists. The exhibition will open February 19, 2017, and will be on view through October 22 of that year.

    IMAGE: Dmitri Obergfell, Statues Also Die (Mauricio), 2015 (detail). Plaster and graphite; dimensions variable. Image courtesy of Gildar Gallery and Casa Maauad. © Dmitri Obergfell

  • Extended Technique @ MASS Gallery

    It is a rare treat that I get to exhibit my work in my home town of Austin and I was honored to show a few of my recently created monoprints alongide a site specific wall work at MASS Gallery as part of their spring exhibit, Extended Technique.

    Long associated with improvisation and experimental modes of expression, the musical term “extended technique” refers to a variety of unorthodox approaches to playing a musical instrument. These methods elicit unfamiliar sounds and blur the distinctions between instruments.

    In this three person show, the diverse methodologies of each of the artists challenge and expand the boundaries of their own mediums. Though all aesthically varied in our approach, we all three work with a musician’s spirit of free play and improvisation. It was incredibly rewarding to work alongide the curators to better understand my own association with the musical world beyond just the affection for my favorite song's lyrical qualities. Through my discussion with them I was able to more fully recognize the breadth of my extension of the painting medium and its similarities to the creative process of sonic composition and improv.

    As with each group show, I am now totally smitten with new artists and the work of David X. Levine and Kaz Oshiro is pretty incredible. Can you believe the works of Levine are all done with colored pencil?!

    David X Levine, Tin Can Painting, 2011, Color pencil, collage, and graphite on paper

    Kaz Oshiro, Untitled Still Life, 2013, Acrylic on canvas. Photo by Joshua White JW Pictures, courtesy of Honor Fraser Gallery.

    Another marriage of music and making came with the gallery's Close Encounters series. The program series encourages participating artists to devise a program designed to provide new methods of engaging the public’s curiosity and invites them to participate intellectually or physically with the exhibition space, as well as the artist’s work and concepts. For our edition, David X. Levine and I decided to expand upon our shared affection for the songs that fill our everyday to create a playlist for sharing with MASS's audience. The result was two stellar mixtapes you can hear below! All in all the show has been a breath of fresh air in my busy schedule and a welcome opportunity to play. If you are in the Austin area, the show is up now through June 4. Come visit!

    GEE WHIZ! | A Mixtape by David X Levine from MASSATX on 8tracks Radio.

    dancing unafraid | a mixtape by xochi solis from MASSATX on 8tracks Radio.

  • Paper Darts

    WOWEE! When I got the sweet email from Meghan Murphy, Editor-in-Chief of Paper Darts Magazine, to be featured on their beautiful blog, I couldn't resist! Paper Darts is a literary + art magazine and publisher that is volunteer run by 8 fierce advocates for uncommon work by new voices, paired with custom illustration. After getting lost in the webpages of their dynamically designed website, I have quickly become a HUGE fan and love the feature they produced. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself by following the link above and while you're there do yourself a solid and take in the rest of their inspiring content! Thank, PD team for including me! 

  • UO Studio Visits: Xochi Solis

    Every year creatives, musicians, tech jockeys, and general all around weirdos descend on my home town of Austin, TX for a little thing called SXSW. This year I strategically scheduled an artist residency (more on that later) during this jam-packed week, but boy was I so happy to have the venerable Leigh Patterson reach out about an opportunity to interview in a special Austin focused edition of UO Studio Visit for Urban Outfitters. Recent clients and collaborations for Patterson include: synonym journalsight unseen,  alldayeverydayremodelista and her interview questions were thoughtful, considerate and really gave me pause for self reflection.

    To take a peek at just the most luminous photos of my studio taken by Austin-based photographer Katie Jameson, plus learn a little more about what I've been inspired by and what projects lay ahead follow the link here. Thank you, Leigh + Katie!

  • chulita

    Have you heard?! I'm joining the ranks of the all girl, all vinyl DJ crew called the Chulita Vinyl Club! Take a listen to a mix I made for my girls.

  • ART for YOUR EAR

    I've been one of the lucky to have a super special ally in artist and writer, Danielle Krysa AKA The Jealous Curator.

    The Jealous Curator launched in February 2009, as a place for Krysa to show artwork that made her green with envy. Over seven years later, that “jealousy” has turned magically, wonderfully, and thankfully into inspiration. Inspiration for herself as an artist but also inspiration to so many others who read her blog and share her unabashed enthusiasm for artwork and art practices that produce awe and wonder. 

    Great fortune came in 2012 when Danielle first blogged about me and since then we have worked on a book project, a Land of Nod print and most recently many years later, we finally spoke on the phone and heard each other's chipper voice. The result is Episode 39 of The Jealous Curator's podcast ART for YOUR EAR. Take a listen and get to know a little more about me and my practice through a winding conversation about paper, music and err..margaritas. ALSO, there are tons more episodes from fabulous artists all around the world and Danielle publishs a new one each and every Saturday. Sounds like you have yourself a new audio obssession?

  • Rest in Peace, David Bowie

    They don't walk, 
    they just glide in and out of life
    They never die, 
    they just go to sleep one day

    -Sons of the Silent Age from David Bowie's 1977 Heroes

    Yesterday's news of David Bowie's death came to me from the radio in the living room as I wiped sleep out of my eyes to greet another Monday. As the day unfolded with jam-packed social media feeds and radio news and television announcers sharing songs, images and thoughts about what David Bowie meant to the world, I took retreat to my studio. 

    It feels selfish to be sad about a man's passing, a stranger who you never met, a person you only knew via media and music, but yesterday and today and probably for many days to come, I find myself dim with the concept that the world lost such a true original with the passing of Bowie. 

    I stumbled across this 1979 BBC Star Special recording that Bowie did via a DJ friend Tommy Blackburn and it's a wonderful listen. Bowie sharing music that he loves, it's simple and easy and like his own music and song writing poetry is a wonderful treat for a grey day like this one.  ♥ RIP David Robert Jones (1947-2016) 


  • You and I were meant to live in the abstract

    Really feeling this video on SFMOMA's website where Ellsworth Kelly recalls his first encounter with abstraction and reflects on how his decades-long fascination with line, form, and color has manifested in both his paintings and his creative process. I have always thought of my own meditation on shape and color summed up in the same words in which Kelly describes his fascination with the mysteriousness of color and shape. Take a watch!

    Oh! And if you are in Texas, how excited are you for this!

  • you were meant to be here

    Meant for any autumnal gathering that might find you stressed out or if your find yourself in need of soothing sounds to get lost in while hanging round a crackling fire.

  • Matt Jacobs

    Matt Jacobs is an artist based out of Kansas City, Missouri and his playful collage paintings are just the cheerful and gushy work that remind the viewer how an artist can manipulate materials as simple as an onion bag into a weighted work of art. Apart from his viscous approach to the medium of paint, his use of color make his chewing gum textured work that much more desirable to touch.

    Jacob's work ranges from quieter paintings on paper to larger than life installations utilizing scraps of wood, wire, inflatable pool toys, tape, and of course paint and his recent exhibit at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts had a playful mix that showcased his compositional breadth. We also have a really sweet bubblegum pasta painting at MASS Gallery in our little MA$$ Shop that I swear one of these days will come home with me!

    As of late, Jacobs has been toning down his palette and making these beautiful, ghostly acrylic sculptures that are intriguing, and with just a few spots of color smashed between layers of plexi, you can tell he is thinking about collage in a whole new way. I am really drawn to the reveal of materials and will plan to follow along on his site to see where his style will evolve.

    images above via 

    1. Matto, caldo, soldi, morto...girotondo - Ennio Morricone


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ENNIO MORRICONE!! This Roman born composer over his long career has scored several hundred films over the past several decades and in almost every imaginable musical style (and for almost every imaginable kind of movie), but he is most identified with the “spaghetti Western” style of soundtracks. I love the tracks he did for the dark, 1969 murder mystery film Vergogna schifosi (Dirty Angels) alongside director and often collaborator . A true original and a lovely soundtrack for the blustery fall days we have been having!

    image via

  • This must be the place...

    Even though I have been back in Austin for almost a month now, the days have been filled with enough bustle that I haven't had much time to reflect on my recent and most magical stay in Mexico City. Today, little pangs of homesickness for my DF departamentito filled me up and I had to share some pictures with you all to help me remember that this place does exist and YES! I can always go back and visit it. Big shout out to Brad, who maintains this jewel of a penthouse and shares it with the world via AirBnb.

    Here, let me give you a tour!

    This juicy aqua colored apartment building sits pretty on a busy street in Roma Norte in the heart of Mexico City. Built mid-century and in the style of Art Deco, its creator the architect Francisco J. Serrano is probably best known for the stylish Edificio Basurto in Condesa, but a quick walkabout in Roma and its neighboring colonia Condesa, you'll notice that many of the best Art Deco buildings are his. An early work, the statuesque Edificio Jardines at the corner of Sonora and Amsterdam features multiple balconies, terraces and mini-lighthouses on top. The streamline house at the corner of Michoacán and Avenida Mexico looks like a set for a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie. Several of his houses have been altered or covered over with commercial signage or are hidden behind giant trees, but the curious traveler is certainly rewarded when they stumble across one.

    Born in Mexico City in 1900, Serrano studied civil engineering and architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). He later taught there as a professor of civil engineering and architecture. The Serrano family has made further contributions to the built environment through his son, Francisco Serrano Cacho whose work includes the second terminal at the city's Benito Juarez airport. 

    But back to my little home away this summer. Written out in wrought iron above the apartment building's central entrance reads Edificio Anahuac—the ancient Aztec term meaning "Land Between the Waters".

    Rambling up a side staircase, you'll find a penthouse with the most spectacular view and the most miniature e accommodations s I've ever come to love. Perched isolated from the rest of the apartments in Anahuac, my AirBnb host has renovated the apartment in Mid-Century Mexican decor. I basically wanted everything and had to hide my absolute glee when Brad gave me the tour. It being mini, it lasted about 10 minutes before he popped out and I started jumping for joy!

    I came to Mexico to create for myself a mini studio away from my regular day-to-day vices. I wanted to create a space where my focus was uninterrupted and where I was hoping little shifts of consciousness could occur in my practice. After a few days of panic due to the utter quiet isolation, I carved out a working space and set up a routine. Mornings sipping coffee and eating fresh melon, dancing myself awake and then settling in for several hours at my work table, allowing myself a time of day to call it quits so I could venture out the apartment to enjoy a meal and a walk in the nearby plaze. Remembering it now seems like it was a dream, but it was real and I have 20 brand new works to recall the record of my time there. 

    Until next time, goodbye to my little penthouse puppy friends, goodbye to sleepy mornings bathed in that golden glow of DF and hasta la vista, Edificio Anahuac! 

  • if travel is searching

    More traveling means more music for weird road trips and airport waiting rooms. Heading up to NYC to visit friends and to work on a great big project with Uprise Art!

    1. Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley Cover) - Annette Peacock


    Welcome to Me, 2014   Dir. Shira Piven

    Cooking up some posts about my recent month in Mexico City, but until then movies and music are ushering in the fall as we say goodbye to another summer.