• Marit Fujimara

    Marit Fujiwara is a textile artist with beautifully gossamer, intricate, and woven ensembles. Fujiwara is no doubt influenced by her Brazilian, Norwegian and Japanese heritage, arriving at wildly hybrid works of art that exist between art, craft and design. I was excited to find a picture of one of her ensembles being worn, because it is hard to dream of handling these exquisite works, but functional they are! She currently lives and works in Brazil where she moved after finishing her degree in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Take a peek at her work and don't miss meditating on the finer detail shots of her handiwork. Also, her drawings are pretty dreamy, too.These carefully crafted gems are really special and I am waiting with bated breath to check out more of her work via her website that is under construction.