• cloud crowd

    Being an artist means a lot of looking, I mean lots and lots of looking, and not only that but looking at the most random occurrences with wide-eyed appreciation and taking what you see and letting it inform you. Artist or not, I know that I am not the only one looking to the skies for fluffy reminders that this planet is absolutely incredible. Just check out your Instagram feed and you will see tons of clouds and oh wow! sunsets. For The Cloud Appreciation Society, or CAS, crushing on clouds is a true profession. I stumbled upon this site a few months back and check in every once and a while to see what new cloud has made it to the gallery. Complete with a Cloud of the Month spotlight, a page devoted to Clouds that look like things and your basic Find a cloud type, you can easily lose hours combing through the site trying to decide if the cloud you just saw is a nimbostratus or if you've got a praecipitatio on your hands. I can't decide what's more fascinating, the clouds themselves or the camp of cloud lovers devoted to maintaining the site. 

    A Powder Puff over Santa Barbara, California, US. Photo by William Meller

    A Mammatus formation at sunset over Oakham, Rutland, UK. Photo by Denis Dalby

    A sunset with a Pile d’Assiettes over Wanaka, New Zealand. Photo by Carolyn Guest

    A cap cloud over Mount Pedra da Gavea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Isabel Machado