• Design For Mankind

    Thrilled to be included on one of my favorite blogs today! Design for Mankind gives advice for tackling the sometimes muddy intersection between one's creative mind and the real world. Not only tackle it but how to wow it with grace and style! Erin Loechner and her team put together a dynamic and visually stimulating blog chock full of beautiful things and inspirations for greatness. Summed up in her own words Loechner describes her blog as, an ongoing dinner party conversation with me and the people/objects/ideas that inspire me from a variety of mediums: art, fashion, design, science, technology, history. Come, sit at my table. I’d love to have you.

    I was pleased as punch to be invited to her party! BTW Her Instagram feed is pretty great, too, and even though I have no little ones of my own her Design for Minikind site is also quite addictive :)