• daily candy

    Today's posting on Daily Candy boosts my work to a wide audience, many of which are just starting their own fledgling art collection. I love working for new collectors and part of the joy in creating work for them is their curiosity to understand something that is new and beautiful to them. Sometimes entrenched in the arts as much as I am, I forget that art to the unindoctrinated is a mystery, that the difference between canvas and panel or Prussian blue and Yves Klein blue is unrecognizable and insignificant. However, it is precisely these little details that artists pride themselves on and in the case of myself, I don’t mind explaining. I like witnessing the discovery process unfold and knowing via my work people are becoming more educated about contemporary art. I am excited and flattered by the Internet attention because it means I get to share my work with more people, but as the DC posting states, if you are interested in my work it all starts with a chat and informal conversation about how you see living with art.