• Studio Visits

    Photo by Adrienne Breaux

    I just had a delightful studio visit with one of my favorite Austin photographers, Elizabeth Chiles. We discussed many things from Lavender Vanilla donuts to why not going to art openings won't kill you but forcing yourself to go to one just might. It was a wonderful Sunday morning and ended in a terrific artwork exchange where we both walked away with a new piece to add to our collection. It also reminded me of how important having conversations in your studio can be. It is a space not unlike your living room, intimate and snug, and the topic surely starts out about artwork and studio practice, but can equally end up being about any number of things. Sometimes the pressure to perform as an artist can stifle honest and easy dialogue, but I can say for now I have been very lucky to have eager and curious visitors open to answers like "I'm actually not quite sure why I did that." For instance, over the summer I visited with Adrienne Breaux from CultureMap Austin and we had a great interaction diving into the history of why I began making art and what kind of artwork I am interested in making now. It was a great article and even months later, I am struck by how spot on some of her observations were. After this weekend's visit I believe I am hooked and now want to host impromptu tea parties at my studio just to see what kind of tête-à-tête I can experience!