• GirlsGuild + MASS + Me

    Finally, my day has come to partner with the wonderful ladies from the Austin-based company, GirlsGuild. Started in 2012 after the founders Cheyenne Weaver and Diana Griffin met as students, Girls Guild began as a service that offers apprenticeships for girls, by girls. They connect girls and women with artists and makers to build a supportive, collaborative community and after having multiple friends partner with them, I was honored when they approached me this summer.

    GirlsGuild defines apprenticeship as more hands-on than a “mentorship”, and more supportive than an “internship”. In an apprenticeship, a maker works one-on-one with a girl interested in learning the skills of her art. It's about getting real world experience of a maker's work and lifestyle, and building some serious skills in a particular area of making.

    Having had my share of mentors and interns, I have always been interested in the alternate realm of education through the hands-on ability of trail and error. Over coffee and messy breakfast tacos, Cheyenne, Diana and I talked for hours about what an apprenticeship would look like for me and we decided to try and roll the collectively run art space I am a member of into the mix. Thankfully the team at MASS loved the idea and BAM! we put together a wish list for a dream apprentice to help MASS develop some ambitious plans! Since going live a few days ago, we have a small group of girls interested and I am excited to begin the interview process. Starting January 2014 and going through April, I will check back in on how its going, however I can honestly say that the past work that GirlsGuild has done is amazing and I can't wait to report our story as it unfolds.