• Uprise Art + Me

    Thrilled to announce that I'm the newest artist on Uprise Art! I first heard about Tze Chun's entrepreneurial vision flipping through Marie Claire last November while waiting for my nails to dry and I thought to myself, Wow! This lady has a vision! Oh, and that her outfit was sassy and looked exactly like someone I'd want as a friend.

    Tze Chun from The Every Girl

    Flash forward only a few weeks after that and I received the loveliest email from Christina Lawrence—a curatorial coordinator at Uprise—asking about my work and if I'd consider joining their team. Uprise Art is an online gallery with the aim to demystify the act of collecting and make acquiring original artwork accessible to anyone with the desire to own something that they truly love. What I have enjoyed most about working with them so far is their genuinely positive attitude and helpfulness. I immediately felt confident that Tze and her team wanted me to be a part of the process and actually loved my work and wanted to share it with more people. Fingers crossed that everything goes well, but I can already tell that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Check out this superb interview with Tze in The Everygirl and please take a peek at the other truly talented artists on their roster, they all are fantastic and I am truly delighted to be in such great company!