As a person interested in many things I have difficulty focusing
    I love the blurry and banal
    Folk signage: KEYS CUT HERE
    Old traditions of fine craftsmanship
    The spontaneity of a child’s scribble
    I believe in the phonetics of materials and the grammar of space
    I’m interested in the invisible systems of the everyday
    Twisting a joke out of the mundane
    Simple ideas
    The subjectivity of words
    Perception and the complexity of the human eye
    Loops, self-referentiality, pangrams
    Ridiculous self-imposed constraints 
    Collecting, archiving, processing, filtering, editing
    Patterns and the quest to discover them
    Puzzles, magic
    The rich history embodied in a rusty tool, or threadbare quilt
    Skipping while frowning
    Recognizing social and urban phenomena
    The peculiarities of human behavior
    Pointing at things
    Directing attention to something easily missed
    Grouping like things together (or unlike things)
    Bouncing things against each other
    Shifting focus and contexts to widen Art’s lens
    Littoral spaces
    Absurdity. Nonsense
    The drive to relate to things
    Missing the exit
    Doing the The Hokey-Pokey to the Macarena song
    Doing the Macarena to the Bird dance song
    Hope and Humiliation
    Affinity toward all colours known and unknown
    Colouring outside and reading between

    -Ben Skinner

    I'm currently infatuated with the work of Vancouver-based artist, Ben Skinner, ever since I stumbled upon his work via The Jealous Curator. I also really love his artist statement (above) which reminds me of the LIKES/DISLIKES project I was just a part of. I have been saving my pennies to get one of his sculptures from his recent body of work SAME SAME, an ongoing series of brick sets made of plaster and in wildly delicious marbled hues with phrases like CHOP CHOP, KISS KISS, NO NO and other playful colloquialisms. These works alongside paintings, drawings and installations are currently on view at Vancouver's Back Gallery Project.