• Matt Jacobs

    Matt Jacobs is an artist based out of Kansas City, Missouri and his playful collage paintings are just the cheerful and gushy work that remind the viewer how an artist can manipulate materials as simple as an onion bag into a weighted work of art. Apart from his viscous approach to the medium of paint, his use of color make his chewing gum textured work that much more desirable to touch.

    Jacob's work ranges from quieter paintings on paper to larger than life installations utilizing scraps of wood, wire, inflatable pool toys, tape, and of course paint and his recent exhibit at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts had a playful mix that showcased his compositional breadth. We also have a really sweet bubblegum pasta painting at MASS Gallery in our little MA$$ Shop that I swear one of these days will come home with me!

    As of late, Jacobs has been toning down his palette and making these beautiful, ghostly acrylic sculptures that are intriguing, and with just a few spots of color smashed between layers of plexi, you can tell he is thinking about collage in a whole new way. I am really drawn to the reveal of materials and will plan to follow along on his site to see where his style will evolve.

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