• Mi Tierra Review in ASAP/Journal

    "Who belongs to which side and to what extent does crossing geographical and sociopolitical boundaries allow for a new or renewed sense of identity? The hyper-visibility of Mexican-American, Chicano, and Latino artists in general in this country has come about in the past year precisely due to these questions. And while visibility is an important tool for the diversification of artistic spaces, a danger resides in providing platforms of expression that further question belonging, as opposed to historically contextualizing and thereby making problematic the very roots of such an interrogation. Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place succeeds by doing both, and more. Aside from being an exhibition of some terrific contemporary Mexican-American and / or Chicano artists, Mi Tierra forms an important art-historical exhibition that has much to show us about modes of belonging and the creative practices that might allow us to belong elsewhere and otherwise."

    All the FEELS! Thanks to ASAP/Journal and Emmanuel Ortega for the thoughtful review of Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place. Can’t believe our exhibition is up for only a few more days. Denver, don’t sleep, you’ve only got till OCT 22!