• REVIEW: Mujeres del Sur / Women of The South Group Exhibition

    Movement through five major mediums in a sunshined filled shiplap gallery space, "Mujeres del Sur / Women of The South", is a group exhibition that encompasses fifteen contemporary Latina artists living and working in Southern Texas, well curated by Theresa Escobedo. Before one even delves into the various works within the space, one can already sense the balance between their honored heritage and their current home just by the title. This exhibition isn’t simply a collection of women artists. It isn’t just a visual interlude of Latin culture either. 

    Honored to be amongst such incredible talent and to have the support of curator Theresa Escobedo at The Union HTX. Even remotely, I have felt the love of the 14 other artists and hope our paths all cross soon, because no doubt we have SO MUCH to talk about as we navigate this art world. It's been a busy fall, but I am hoping to make it to Houston to check out the show in all its glory before it closes on November 24. Thank you Meghan Hendley Lopez of the The Houston Review for your critical eye!