• let pharaoh go

    you don't need him
    you don't need his tricks, you don't need his trinkets, let pharaoh go
    pharaoh doesn't want, but he needs you

    -Roberta Flack, Go Up Moses

    Quiet Fire, 1971

    A mixtape offering to remind us all of our freedom. The psychic liberty we have to change our minds and the music to help move our body in the direction best meant for us...even when that just means to the dancefloor with friends & lovers. Happy Friday!


    The TEXAS HEAT is something really special. It's hallucinatory, detoxing, and my absolute favorite annual surreality check. Here's a little mix I made to help you accept the things you cannot change and learn to love the high temps. Throw on your chanclas, grab a cold chela or Topo and chill out!

  • chulita

    Have you heard?! I'm joining the ranks of the all girl, all vinyl DJ crew called the Chulita Vinyl Club! Take a listen to a mix I made for my girls.

  • you were meant to be here

    Meant for any autumnal gathering that might find you stressed out or if your find yourself in need of soothing sounds to get lost in while hanging round a crackling fire.

  • if travel is searching

    More traveling means more music for weird road trips and airport waiting rooms. Heading up to NYC to visit friends and to work on a great big project with Uprise Art!

  • vamonos

    Singing out loud to these songs has helped train and tame my tongue over the last month, so hopefully when I land in Mexico City tomorrow afternoon the Spanish palabras will just flow! Okay, there are a few songs in English and Portueguese, but you'll get the vibe. If you are interested in what I'll be up to in D.F., follow along with my Instagram!


  • solar drums

    Texas heat only getting hotter and sometimes my brain feels like it is frying like this collection of songs.

  • skive + feliz

    CHECK OUT this sweet mix I helped make for a party at MASS Gallery to celebrate the collaborative Canoe and J Hannah Co scent SKIVE winning the 2015 Art & Olfaction Award and the launch of the FELIZ spring weekend sale that brings together a careful selection of independent designers, makers, and artists for a one-day sale in Austin, TX. Perfect for studio times with long groovy songs. 


    FELIZ // 
    SKIVE //

  • some kind of way

    Created in conjunction with an essay I wrote for Dirty Laundry magazine. These selections are favorites culled from my collection, and in my humble opinion, are essentials. Basically, they never fail to have me feeling some kind of way.

    Take a listen, what do you feel?


  • fat old sun

    It is studio time all the time and the heat is beginning to go to my head as I gear up for some exciting September projects. What's a girl to do but crank up the stereo, stand in front of the oscillating fan and work!

  • make a wish

    For my birthday, I made a special mix guaranteed to put a pep in your step. You have my full permission to dance around while eating giant pieces of cake. Getting older has been fun and I hope I get to keep doing it!

  • a new home in the sun

    Couldn't wait and had to make a mix reflecting my excitement for all the things 2014 has in store! Take a listen to these dreamy icicle tunes and think about all the possibilities ♥

  • we have a beautiful cosmos

    Pendleton blankets, wooly socks, and warm rosy cheeks! Winter is here and boy is it hard to want to do anything but listen to records and eat hot soup.

  • cold snap!!

    It's finally feeling wintery here in Texas with yesterday's temp a balmy 86˚F and today a chilly 36˚ F!! I haven't gotten around to making a new xmas mix, but this one from last year is pretty darn good. Enjoy it and brush off those bah humbugs!

  • Circle Sky

    I've been absolutely and excitedly swamped this month as I have been preparing brand new collections of work for various projects, both locally and around the country. Finally, I've gotten a chance to dive into the vibrant and creamy dyed paper I made in August and working on ideas that I have been carrying around as Austin slowly enters into fall. Changing leaves, first loves and new loves, deaths and goodbyes, and saying hello to the end of another year has me reflecting on the circle of life. Funny how things are new and old all at the same time, the older you get. These tunes have been ushering me through it all, enjoy!

  • WarHOL, as in halls...

    It is no surprise that my love for music bleeds into my day job. Last summer I created an auditory adventure for the University of Texas at Austin's Visual Arts Center called VAC BoomboxCreated as a fun way for our visitors to learn about our creative collaborators during the months of hiatus, the VAC releases a new mix of Summer jams every Monday till we reopen in the Fall. This one is from the Austin-based sound and new media collective The Church of the Friendly Ghost and is especially apropos for today's celebration of Andy Warhol. Such a treat!

  • gazing

    Nostalgia and nowhere all at once.

  • heatwave

    Mirages in the distance, deadlines creeping up. Thank goodness for the music!

  • sunburnt romance

    As deadlines and the Texas weather heat up, I'm working it out to these tunes in the studio!

  • greenhouse effect

    Thunder and lighting, very very frightening. Spring has sprung and summer is about to pounce! Here comes the heatwave...

  • she's not there

    Thunderstorms have the air full of electric possibility and ominous what have you's...

  • heaven sent

    I've got spirit, I've got soul. Hazy day music for the spiritually inclined.

  • sweetheart

    A sweet mix for my sweetheart ♡. Hope everyone is having a warm and fuzzy day! 

  • wide open spaces

    Putting together sounds for a much deserved road trip retreat out West...

  • worn and weathered

    Whew! Over committed schedule has me feeling worn out...songs to help soothe headaches and sore feet.

  • Eres muy bonita...

    The hot weather has an undercurrent of drama and suspense suited for even the spiciest of telenovelas. This summer my studio is bumping with sounds of cumbias and disco